About Tali aka The Cupcake

Name: Tali Koziol
Birthday: February 26
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Where were you born: Denver, CO
How many times have you moved: Oh so many.
Hair Color: Today? It’s dark dark auburny brunette
Eye Color: Often Green, sometimes hazel, sometimes grey
Tattoos: Ten
Piercings: Ears…


Color: Pink, purple, grey, & black
Food: Mac and Cheese
Candy: Vanilla Tootsie Rolls
Movie: Dream for an Insomniac….and quite a few more
TV Show:  Twin Peaks, Anything on Discovery Network, and a few other guilty pleasures
Favorite Author: Neil Gaiman

*Have you ever*

Danced in the rain: Yes!
tripped and had an embarrassing fall: YES! It caused me to get stitches!
gone skinny dipping: Yes
been in love: Very much so!
met the President: No.
met a celebrity: Yes, many musicians and a few actors.
cried over a movie: Definitly
laughed so hard you cried: Yes! This happens often.