Cultivate Your Attention to Intention

on 2-07-2013 in Yoga

Cultivate Your Attention to Intention

I came across this quote in the February issue of Yoga Journal and my heart fluttered and my mind immediately began to think of how I would weave it into my next Anjali Restorative class.

I recently made a giant-shift in my life moving away from an unsustainable model of over-scheduling and multi-tasking to a more simple way of life. It wasn’t easy at first. I had to let go of the desire and the determination to do everything at once and ask myself “What do you really want?”

The answer is simple, I want to be happy.

So the question I ask myself daily if not multiple times a day is two-fold, “What will make you happy right now and will that decision make you happy a year from now?”

Ultimately what I discovered is that focus is what makes me happy. I turned email, Facebook, and Twitter notifications off on my phone. I keep a list of the projects I want to do, books I want to read, and people I want to connect with and give those items and people my full attention. I am working really hard to be so intensely attentive to each moment that my depth of each experience has broadened. Not to say I don’t put on movies or audio books while knitting or sewing, I do. However, I have noticed that even the call for background noise is dissipating.

My intention for my life is to be committed to each moment and every day I am working tocultivate my attention to that intention. So this quote from Swami Vivekananda rings so true to me. Last night in our restorative practice we dived into one space of focus at a time. be it the breath, the heartbeat, the vision of someone we love…we stayed there. At the end of the class I asked, what if we could manifest greatness in our life with our ability to focus?

I felt the shift in the room…somehow the gravity of room pulled harder but the desire to blossom and grow was stronger as well. We may not live in a world that allows us to dedicate our whole life to only one dream, one idea, but we can evolve our world to unleash our exquisite attention to our intentions through intense focus. The participants in my class were such a delight as they left. I could feel their enthusiasm and their steadiness. They were ignited!

How can you catch that spark? Can you go inward…can you bring your focus to all that you touch? Can you manifest magic in your life?

Yes. You can.